Spring in the Adirondacks…

…looks strikingly similar to winter in the Adirondacks, don’t you think?   But I swear I took this photograph today.  We spent our holiday on the slopes at Whiteface Mountain, under Easter-egg blue skies.

And here’s our version of the traditional Easter egg hunt.

Ready… Set…


I hope your weekend was fantastic, too, whether your eggs were hidden in a patch of daffodils or in a snowbank like ours.

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7 Replies on “Spring in the Adirondacks…

  1. Your pictures are breathtaking! I can say with a certainty that I’ve never gone Easter-egg hunting in the snow. Brrr, looks shivery, but it looks kinda fun, in a postcard, Wish You Were Here kind of way. Sigh. I’m such a weather wimp!

    Here’s where we took our Easter (picnic) basket:
    Corona del Mar

    Ack! I can’t figure out why Photobucket won’t shrink this image. I’m so sorry!

  2. I was pretty sure you’d be able to relate to this one! I did, however, see a puddle in a field the other day, too…a sure sign that spring is only a couple months away!