Spring hike – new, new, NEW!

Today was a perfect hiking day in the Adirondacks.  Nice and cool.  No bugs yet. And not too muddy.  We climbed Rattlesnake Mountain, in Willsboro — one of our favorites because the summit has a great view of Lake Champlain.  The woods are so new right now, full of baby plants and wildflowers that only last a couple weeks.  What a gift to have spent time with them today.

I love these tiny fern plants.  They remind me of newborn babies — all alien-looking and new.

These pictures just captures the spirit of the Adirondacks — flowers growing on a rock! 

We saw these gorgeous dark red Trillium plants all over.

There were a couple other cars at the trailhead, but we ended up having the summit to ourselves.

Check out the colors in these clouds!

On a hike around the summit, we found another rocky clearing where someone had created a garden of rock sculptures.  It reminded me of a trip my husband and I took to Vancouver, BC.  When we were biking around Stanley Park, we turned a corner and saw an incredible inuksuk (We didn’t know what it was called at the time; we thought it was just a big fancy pile of rocks.)  It’s an Inuit tradition used as a directional marker.  Sometimes today, we were told, they ‘re built for spiritual reasons, too, to remember and honor people. 

Cool, huh?  We added a few stones to these and left them to surprise another group of hikers.

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  1. Kate, those photos are *gorgeous!* I’ve just, rather belatedly :O, “friended” you… when I saw that we share a birthday!! We’re off by 4 years, but I’m a July 3 baby, too! (Unless you’ve picked up the Australian habit of listing the date before the month, and you’re actually a March 7 birthday, which I’m sure is perfectly lovely, as well….)

  2. Birthday

    Hi Elizabeth! Yes, I’m a July 3rd person! Thanks for the friend add – I’m somewhat new to LiveJournal and loving it. I’ve enjoyed your blog and found your posts on the SCBWI board to be very helpful, too!

  3. Great photos!

    Hi Kate…LOVE your photos! I wish I got out as much as you seem to. Haven’t been on a ‘photo shoot’ for ages. Maybe I’m just lazy.