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I gave my first presentation on SPITFIRE on Monday and couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant and receptive audience.  Clinton Community College hosts a teachers’ historical workshop about Benedict Arnold in the Champlain Valley.   Facilitators Tom Mandeville and John Mockry do a fantastic job sharing knowledge about Lake Champlain history and leading field trips around the region. 

I was the after-lunch speaker on Monday.   They had lasagna, and I worried about this, but only one person dozed off a little, and I think I woke him up with my bo’sun’s whistle. (It’s used to issue orders during battle…or to get attention during a presentation as the need arises…)

I presented my PowerPoint about the Battle of Valcour Island on Lake Champlain, the real 12-year-old boy who fought in that battle, and how I researched his life and life on board an 18th century gunboat to write SPITFIRE.   I also gave teachers a sneak peak at my school presentation, showing some of the artifact replicas, articles of clothing, and other 18th century treats I’ll be sharing with students this fall.

I gave my first reading from SPITFIRE to people who don’t live with me, and that was a terrific feeling.  The teachers were kind enough to laugh in all the right places, had nice things to say about my research and writing, and clapped when I was done.

It was a wonderful afternoon, and it was great to spend time with people who love Lake Champlain and its history as much as I do.

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  1. Spitfire Presentation


    I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on the Spitfire and Pascal Joseph de Angelis and his “friend”.
    It was informative, entertaining, and factual. I also was worried about the heat, the lasagna, the time of the day. The teachers had endured lectures earlier in the day. Your enthusiasm for your character and subject shines very brightly and your enthusiasm was infectious. We wanted to be read more. Thank you for your sharing with us and I look forward to purchasing when available. It was a great afternoon. I have not been read to in quite some time but quickly became lost in the story and events you were weaving. I’ll never look at my wooden bowl ( as a reenactor) the same way. Thanks.

    Thomas Pray

  2. Re: Spitfire Presentation

    Thank you so much for your comment and for having me as a guest at the workshop! As you know, this was my first presentation for SPITFIRE, and it was so nice to have an audience that was so enthusiastic about the topic.

    Thanks for your advice on the powder horns, too! For now, they’re still on my roof, but I’m definitely going to try out your strategy for getting rid of the gunk.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!