SPITFIRE on Amazon.com

Guess what?  My book is on Amazon! 

I’ve been visiting it online at least every few hours, but it probably gets lonely when I’m not there, so you can click on the image below if you’d like to visit it, too.

Fabulous Zach at North Country books emailed on Friday to let me know that SPITFIRE would be available for pre-order on Amazon within a few days.  Sure enough, when I checked yesterday morning, there it was.  My mom was visiting, so I got to show off like a kid who just finished a new craft project.  I haven’t seen her so proud since I made that clay pot in second grade.

SPITFIRE is available for pre-order and will be in stores on September 25th. 

Note to friends who don’t live near me…

North Country Books is a regional publisher, so you should find SPITFIRE in your local bookstore if you live in New York or Vermont.  Otherwise, you can find it online or ask your local bookseller to order it through North Country Books.

And one more thing….  Don’t forget to send your entry for the SPITFIRE writers & characters contest!   If you’ve ever tried Lake Champlain chocolate, you know that it’s well worth 300 words.  Thanks for the entries so far — I’ll start featuring some of them later this week!

19 Replies on “SPITFIRE on Amazon.com

  1. I visited SPITFIRE in her oh-so-lovely digs and bookmarked the site so I could come see her again. When I left, she said to tell you she missed you and told me to tell you hi.


  2. Thanks! The cover of this book is kind of a long story. My mom is an artist with work in a Finger Lakes gallery. When North Country Books bought my manuscript, I asked if she could submit a painting for possible cover art. This one was her second submission, and they accepted it, so I get to share this experience with her!

  3. Thanks! I was beyond thrilled when I read Joe Bruchac’s blurb. He’s a writer whose work I’ve admired for years, so it meant so much to have him endorse SPITFIRE.