11 Replies on “SPITFIRE Book Trailer

  1. Thank you! The story is based on the Revolutionary War Battle of Valcour Island. I can see the site from my back deck, so it was something I’d always wanted to write about.

  2. Thank, Loree! I’m just reviewing my notes now…

    I’ll try to post some pictures later on, when I’m sipping iced tea, feeling relieved that the first one is over.

    I loved your review of A CROOKED KIND OF PERFECT, by the way. I met Linda at Vermont College this weekend and can’t wait to read her book.

  3. Thanks, Judy! Yes, I used iMovie, which is the digital video feature on my Mac. It’s very easy and very fun and allows you to have dreams of being at Sundance while you’re dragging little video clips around your desktop.

  4. Great job with the trailer, Kate. You can tell you’re a teacher and have the feel for how to appeal to kids. I’m sure the other teachers will appreciate it as well. Have fun with your presentation!

  5. Spitfire

    Dear Kate,
    I am a friend of your Mom’s from her book group.
    Tomorrow we will be reviewing Spitfire.
    It was so exciting! It truly appeals to a wide audience. My husband is a history buff and he also read it and enjoyed it thoroughly.
    Your writing is crisp and tender. You capture the interest of the events so that the next page is eagerly anticipated.
    We have a grandson living in Burlington and next time we go to Champlain we will picture the vivid scenes from your book.
    Your Mom is such a joy to know. It seems that talent flows in your family. But I suspect from your writing that you naturally have also inherited her tender heart.
    With admiration,
    Jewel Wink