So long, snow…

We’re expecting record high temperatures tomorrow, and it’s making me a little mopey.  54 degrees in January is just plain wrong.  At least my family had a cross-country ski day over the weekend, at a state park where the woods truly are lovely, dark, and deep.

Whenever we ski these trails, we stop at a clearing and make our own “Stranger in the Woods.”  Then we ski away laughing at what unsuspecting deer and squirrels will think when they meet him.

This poor guy will probably be snow soup by tomorrow night.  (Sigh…)  At least the thaw is only supposed to last a few days. We’ll be back below freezing by the weekend.

13 Replies on “So long, snow…

  1. We broke a record in Chicago today – 65 degrees! But I loved it! Freak tornadoes raced across Illinois though, as the warm front met the cold. My only worry is thinking that global warming has something to do with this….

  2. I love photos taken from the back, like the one of your tiny skier entering the lovely woods. If I were a deer and came across this Snow Stranger, I think I would be glad to see such a friendly face.

    What fun!!

  3. We’re expected to set a record high today. I know some people enjoy the break from winter, but most of the people I know who choose to live this far north (we’re WAY up by the Canadian border) love the snow.

  4. It’s warm here today, too–the grass is turning green again. It seems to have forgotten that it’s been under an inch of ice for a month.

    Your stranger in the woods reminded me of the time my husband and I hiked up to Cape Disappointment in Washington at dusk. When we were coming back down from the lighthouse, it was almost fully dark–and darker still in the woods. We realized we were being tracked by a family of deer–their eyes shone out from the darkness.

    My *immediate* thought–I kid you not–was, “What if they aren’t really deer, but some sort of creatures *masquerading* as deer, that eat unsuspecting tourists?”

    And that’s when I knew I lived in my own, weird world.

  5. Ah yes…the old “pretend-you’re-a-deer” trick. Gets ’em every time. Thanks for the smile – and don’t worry. I think most of your writer friends live in that same strange world.