So long, salmon…

I said goodbye to some old friends on Friday.

It was time for these little guys — salmon that my students raised from fertilized eggs in their science classroom — to make their way out into the river.  Our 7th graders spent a gorgeous Friday on the river bank, releasing the fish, conducting a watershed survey, and relaxing in the sunshine to do some journaling and reading.

They loved the hip waders we used to collect temperature readings and macroinvertebrate specimens.

Here I am, releasing the stragglers after all the students let their own fish go from paper cups.

They seemed happy to be free, but I can’t help but worry.  It’s been three days, and I haven’t heard from any of them.  They don’t write… They don’t call…  I’m guessing some of you who have had kids go off to college can relate.

11 Replies on “So long, salmon…

  1. Your students are so lucky they have you as a teacher. And that field trip sounds fabulous. What a perfect adventure/lesson for springtime!

    I read a story in today’s LA Times that bemoaned the fact that most school districts can’t afford the time away from class — or the money — to take kids on field trips. How very sad, wrong-headed, and short-sighted.

  2. Well, the money is definitely an issue for most schools, which is why you have to be creative. But time away from class? It’s not time away from class. It’s just holding class someplace else!

  3. Very cool stuff, Kate. I think it’s okay to worry, but salmon are notorious for not writing or calling or texting home. Don’t worry. They are okay and they still love you. There’s just a lot of stuff going on.

  4. Thanks! I just saw a photo of you on Debbi’s blog, and I’m insanely jealous. I LOVE Cape Cod. It looks like you had a fantastic, fantastic trip.