Skyping & Celebrating! World Read Aloud Day is March 9th

Where will you be on World Read Aloud Day?  Reading to someone, I hope!  If you want me to read to you or your students, just click here to check out my World Read Aloud Day celebration online; I’m sharing video read-alouds of three of my books (two that aren’t even out yet!)

During lunchtime on World Read Aloud Day, I’ll be sharing a Skype read-aloud with teacher Karla Duff’s 6th graders in Oelwein, Iowa.  Karla (she’s @teacher6th on Twitter) contacted me to be part of a special Skype read-aloud project for her kids, and I thought it was a great idea. In case other teachers & librarians want to join her in Skyping authors into classrooms and libraries for short read-alouds of their work, here’s a list of authors who are volunteering their time to do this on March 9th!  To make arrangements, please click on the author’s website to make sure his or her books are a good match for your students. Then email the author directly to make arrangements.  Happy reading!

Authors Available for Skype Read-Alouds on March 9th

Sarah Albee
Olugbemisola Amusashonubi-Perkovich
Sarah Brannen
Stephanie Burgis
Laurie Calkhoven
Katie Davis
Karen Day
Erin Dionne
Jennifer Elvgren
Elizabeth Falk
Jody Feldman
Brenda Ferber
Alison Ashley Formento
Deborah Freedman
Dee Garretson
Donna Gephart
Gwendolyn Hooks
Catherine Ipcizade
Tara Lazar
Richard Newsome
Darcy Pattison
A.S. Peterson

Sarah Prineas
Jean Reidy
Inara Scott
Laurel Snyder
Ruth Spiro
Anastasia Suen
Jennifer Trafton
Iza Trapani
Kristin Tubb

Linda Urban
Samantha Vamos
Greg van Eekhout
Tracie Vaughn Zimmer
Amy Brecount White

Authors who are listed… If your schedule for March 9th fills up, please drop me a note & I’ll remove your name.

Authors who aren’t listed… Please leave a comment with your name & website link if you’d like to be added!

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