Signs of Spring…Northern Edition

A couple weeks ago, newport2newport  issued a challenge to her LiveJournal friends to begin posting signs of spring, and I have to admit, while I’ve enjoyed looking at all of your crocuses and marypearson ‘s gorgeous California blooms, I’ve felt a little left out, living way up in Northern NY where the weather pays no mind to the calendar. 

Not any more, though.

Today, I have my own "Sign of Spring" photo.

This is me, celebrating spring at Whiteface Mountain today, and yes, it was snowing. But wait…  See that sort of bare, brownish spot in the woods on the mountain over my right shoulder?  That is serious spring action.  The daffodils and lilacs should be here any day month now.

8 Replies on “Signs of Spring…Northern Edition

  1. LOL. I had red winged black bird on my snowy lawn this morning and a lone robin.

    Enjoy sking while you can. I’m on the otherside of the lake doing a warm weather dance.

  2. Haha. On its not spring yet on Whiteface Mountain! I can’t wait till the lilacs come here. They smell so pretty! I like to keep them in my room during the summer, they ususally die but my room smells great for the one day that they are alive.

    With all the snow there it reminds me of our snowshoe trip we took almost two months ago! Very un-spring like, but that the north country for you!

    I’m going to go into my back yard and take pictures of when spring looks like in my back yard at the moment. Its close to what spring does look like. I’ll post it in my blog so you an see it!