Signing with a Sea Monster (err…make that Lake Monster!)

I have to say that this weekend’s book signings were among the most unusual I’ve ever done…not because of the kids for whom I signed books…but because of who else (what else?) attended the events!

Saturday, I read SEA MONSTER’S FIRST DAY for Barnes & Noble story time in South Burlington, Vermont. And guess who came to hear the story!

Champ, the official mascot of the Vermont Lake Monsters baseball team showed up to greet the kids.

Champ particularly enjoyed the final end papers in SEA MONSTER’S FIRST DAY, where illustrator Andy Rash created a world map showing where all of the legendary lake monsters live.

Champ found himself (in Lake Champlain!) right away.

It was such a fun morning, and when it came time to sign books, the kids were doubly excited to have a book with not only my signature, but Champ’s as well!

Signing books with a sea monster… a first for this author!

On Sunday, I visited Champ on his home turf, Burlington’s Centennial Field, where the Lake Monsters were taking on Jamestown. Champ took a break from his on-field antics to enjoy a little reading.

And once again…we both signed copies of SEA MONSTER’S FIRST DAY for young readers. First me…

…and then Champ.

(I was really impressed with how neatly he could write…even with those big, furry paws.)

Many, many thanks to the Vermont Lake Monsters, Barnes and Noble, and all the young readers who came by for such a fantastic, fun weekend of sea monsters, baseball, and books!

4 Replies on “Signing with a Sea Monster (err…make that Lake Monster!)

  1. What a great two days…..and what a wonderful idea for kids, for the book, for you and for the baseball team. Kudos to whomever thought of that. You looked very cute.