Saturday Surprises

  1. Earlier this week, I gave a newspaper interview about my second Lake Champlain historical novel for young readers, Champlain and the Silent One.  I had forgotten that it was running in today’s newspaper and just about spit out my coffee when I saw a frighteningly large photograph of myself on the Family Page of the Press Republican. It’s accompanied by a very nice article by Robin Caudell, a writer whose reviews I always enjoy.  The article is online here (It’s okay to click if you’d like to read it…the online image isn’t quite as big and scary.)
  2. It snowed more than expected yesterday, so it looks like we have enough for cross country skiing this weekend!
  3. This book is wonderful. 

I didn’t plan on reading it this week.  I bought it as a gift but set it aside while I was wrapping and found myself "pre-reading" it…you know…the way you taste the fudge to make sure it’s okay?   Now I have to go out and buy a bunch more.  It is the absolutely perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the power of the written word to bring people together.  Read it!

9 Replies on “Saturday Surprises

  1. That’s a terrific article! She did a really nice job.

    I bought the GUERNSEY book for my sister on Jenn’s advice, and she loved it. Then she sent it back for me to read, so it’s sitting in my pile. Glad to get another thumbs up!

  2. 1. Hooray! That must be SO cool! 🙂
    2. I don’t miss the snow, but I do miss a White Christmas (which we didn’t get every year when we lived in MI, MA, and NY).
    3. Oooh! I’ve been wondering about that book! Oh boy! I must get it! (After Christmas, of course.)

    Happy holidays!

  3. I forced to buy the Guernsey book today. I really should rave about it more at my blog – I’ve already bought it and given it to two people, plus I have my own copy. Plus, I made read it, and she then bought it for her mother as well (in England), and then made her book club read it. It’s fabulous.

    As was the article about you and your new book, btw.

  4. My hubby first saw the article and yelled, “Hey come here and check out this great piece on Kate!”

    Sure enough, the article was wonderful and you, my dear, looked FAB-U-LOUS!
    That is an awesome photo and an equally great piece on Silent One, which I love. Your research is smoothly incorporated and the character’s personalities ring true. You are an inspiration to me.