Saturday at NESCBWI

Cynthia Lord’s keynote talk at NESCBWI this morning was…well…it was everything that Cynthia is.  Smart and warm and inspiring and nurturing and wonderful.  If you’ve met Cindy or know her on LJ, you know exactly what I mean.  And she was right…we did need the Kleenex when she shared some of the letters she’s received from kids about RULES.

Other highlights… Jacqueline Davies got us thinking about the different kinds of unreliable narrators in her workshop whose title, "You Lying Scumbag,"  should probably be in the running for most intriguing workshop title ever.

And Mitali Perkins gave a fantatic workshop on race in children’s literature. Many highlights were in her SLJ article on that topic that you can read here.

Time for my authors & agents panel!  EEEeeeEEE!!!  More to come later on…

3 Replies on “Saturday at NESCBWI

  1. That article was so useful for an images group I did in a Children’s Lit class. I analyzed the portrayal of Muslims in children’s books. Needless to say, Nye came out on top. I’d be very interested to hear anything else Perkins added to her workshop.