Questions for a Tuesday Afternoon…

Warning: These are random, and some are more meaningful than others. I’ll start with the most important one…

1. What happens when kids with autism aren’t kids any more?  My nephew Danny, who has autism, is 16 now, so my brother Tom and his family have that question on their minds a lot. It’s prompted them to become more active with the Organization for Autism Research. Tom has run in the Marine Corps Marathon for the past couple years, and this year,  Danny is running the 10K along with his dad to raise money for OAR.  They have a fund raising site set up – it’s here, if you’d like to help, too.

2. Will the Dewey Decimal System still exist in some form in the year 2050?  I’m trying to decide because there’s a library scene in my dystopian set in that year. I’m betting yes…kind of.

3. Do you have any healthy crock pot recipes that you love?  I bought my first crock pot today, mostly because my kids’ schedules now require that they be picked up and dropped off places when I’d normally be cooking dinner.  So I have the crock pot now. What should I put in it?

4. I got a final book jacket for SUGAR AND ICE in the mail from my editor. Do other authors run around the house wrapping their book jackets around every hardcover within striking distance when they get the first copy, or is that just me?

5. THE CANDYMAKERS by Wendy Mass is up next in my to-read pile – can’t wait! What are you reading right now that you love?