Paris Research for MANHUNT (Spring 2014)

I’ve been juggling a number of projects this summer, but I’ve spent the past week immersed in a book I haven’t started writing yet. MANHUNT (coming in Spring 2014)  is the third title in my Silver Jaguar Society mystery series with Scholastic.  It’s a follow-up to CAPTURE THE FLAG (July 2012) and HIDE AND SEEK (coming in April 2013).  Like the first two books, MANHUNT features Anna, José, and Henry – three twelve-year-old kids whose families are part of a secret society bound to protect the world’s artifacts.

In their first adventure, CAPTURE THE FLAG, the original Star-Spangled Banner is stolen from the Smithsonian, and the kids race through a snowed-in D.C. airport trying to track down the thieves.

In HIDE AND SEEK, Anna, José, and Henry and their families will explore the rainforest of Costa Rica as they search for a stolen goblet that’s also a sacred piece of Silver Jaguar Society history.

And in the third book, MANHUNT, Anna, José, and Henry will again come face to face with the the Silver Jaguar Society’s arch enemies during a multi-faceted, international heist that begins in Boston and ends here…

Yep – I’ve been “working” in Paris for the past week. (I’m pretty sure you are required to include quotation marks around the word “working” when your week has also included consuming Nutella-banana crepes and copious amounts of gelato.)

When it comes to this trip, I’m going to save my words for the book I’ll be writing this fall and winter…but here are a few photos to give you some hints about Anna, Henry, and Jose’s third adventure!

I’m headed back to my writing room now…

8 Replies on “Paris Research for MANHUNT (Spring 2014)

  1. I LOVE a sneak peek! Thanks:-) I am getting ready to share Capture the Flag as our first read aloud this week. We’ll probably get started on Tuesday. This will be fun to share too. Already excited for April 2013:-)

    1. Thanks, Franki! Hope your kiddos enjoy CAPTURE THE FLAG! Just drop me a note if they’d like to do a Skype Q and A session later on this fall.

  2. So exciting! Tomorrow I will start reading Capture the Flag aloud to my class (I ordered it after reading Mary Lee’s A Year of Reading post and decided that it would be a perfect first read aloud). It will be fun to tell my students about the other books that will be coming out. I am glad that you have been able to travel for the third book. It will be fun to see how those details come alive in your writing.

      1. They are really enjoying it and have all different theories about who it was and the reasons behind it. We just read the chapter where Snake Arm ran out of the restaurant, so it will be fun to see how the events that come after add a twist to their current theories.

        I already mentioned the other two books that will be coming out, but it will be really fun to show them this post and the one for the second book you mentioned later on.

  3. I just finished and loved CAPTURE THE FLAG and am planning to use it as a read aloud, too, starting this week. The English and history curricula are connected at my school, so it will offer a fun start to the US history focus for my seventh grade students! I’ll definitely be in touch to see if a Skype Q and A might be possible–I’m sure my students would be thrilled.