OVER AND UNDER THE SNOW’s fox…in real life!

OVER AND UNDER THE SNOW illustrator Chris Silas Neal just shared this YouTube video on his blog, and it was too amazing not to pass along. Remember this spread in our picture book?

Well, the BBC shared a video of a real-life red fox doing just the same thing. I watched this over and over again because even though I’d heard and read about how a fox hunts in the snow, I’d only imagined what it might look like. Check it out…


4 Replies on “OVER AND UNDER THE SNOW’s fox…in real life!

  1. MOXIE DOES THAT! it is the craziest damn thing.

    Obviously only when there is a LOT of snow, hard enough on top that she can walk on it — she’ll creep around — and then suddenly POUNCE and dive in head first to go after mice (or whatever). Um… she’s not quite as skilled as mr. foxy though.