I struggled a bit with my college economics class, but the laws of supply and demand always made sense to me.  Until now…

Can you make out those prices? They are silly prices.

I’ve been flooded with emails this week (most, from grandparents, for some reason) saying some version of “Dude…why is your book SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS?? It’s a nice book, but…um…”

So here’s the deal. OVER AND UNDER THE SNOW was popular this fall (yay!), and its first print run sold out very quickly, so at the moment, it’s mostly unavailable.  Amazon is out of stock and can’t get it from distributors, which has prompted one or two of Amazon’s affiliate sellers to raise their price on the book through the roof. Thus, the $700 price tag for a new copy and the bargain basement price of $613.46 for a used one with just a few wrinkled pages.

You obviously should not pay that price. That’s silly, even if you are my mom.

So what’s a snow lover to do?  Here are a couple options…

If you want it now, I know two terrific indie booksellers who still have a handful of copies, and they ship: The Bookstore Plus in Lake Placid, and Books, Inc. in the Bay Area.  (I’d always rather have you buy my books from an indie bookseller anyway.)

Or if you can hold tight just a couple weeks, Chronicle tells me that the second printing is scheduled to be in the warehouse & ready to go on February 7th, in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day.