October Moments

My blog posts have been few and far between lately, mostly because I had two editorial letters for two different projects land on my desk last week, so I’ve been keeping my head down to revise.  One of those books — the picture book — is just about ready to go back to my editor and off to its illustrator.  My critique partners say it’s pretty much set, so I’m just giving it a couple more days to brew, to make sure I don’t have "senders’ remorse" when I fire off that email.

The other revision, for my Dec. 2010 MG novel SUGAR ON SNOW, is….bigger.  But I think I’ve figured out a good way to tackle it, and I promise a nice juicy process post about that soon, for those of you who are like me and can’t get enough of the processy details. 

Today, though, a breath of fall — courtesy of my kids, who pulled me away from my laptop for a couple hours, and some other critters we hiked with at Point au Roche State Park.

Wooly bear caterpillars were everywhere, getting ready to hibernate in the next couple weeks.

I apparently got too close because this guy actually coiled up and struck at my camera. I think he fancies himself a rattlesnake.

It’s funny… sometimes when I’m revising, I just need to be locked in a room with my laptop. But sometimes, getting out of that room is even more important to the process for me.  Looking up through the trees, getting close to a caterpillar, close enough to see the green flecks on a snake, gives me new eyes for my story, too.

14 Replies on “October Moments

  1. Oh, I was expecting the tree, and I can handle the snake. But those caterpillars–that’s my one freak-out. And ours don’t even have the brown stripe. Shudder! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Deb~ I guess I haven’t talked about the 2010 book in a while because this fall’s been so busy. But yes…it’s due out in December and revision deadlines are rapidly approaching!

  3. I’m always startled by garter snakes on the trail at first, but then I’m so happy when I slow down to get a closer look at them. Their skin really is stunning. Glad you enjoyed the photos!