Notes from the Road

1. Who knew that ALL of the hiking trails at Paradise in Mount Rainier National Park are still under 4-8 feet of snow?  It made for a stunning and fabulously soggy adventure. (Watch for photos of me sliding down a snowy cliff on my bottom when I get home.)

2. On the way to Mount Rainier, we saw a snack bar that looked like a covered wagon, advertising “Malibu Barbie Latte – $3.95.”  We didn’t stop, but what could this be?

3. Thank you for the Portland suggestions!  The original Powells Books is truly awesome.

4.  So is the gelato shop across the street.  Chocolate-coffee – Mmmmm…..

5.. We’re off to the Quinault Rainforest when the kids wake up this morning.  Hoping to see mossy wonderlands and maybe an elk or two…

4 Replies on “Notes from the Road

  1. Ooooh, I love the Rain Forest! It’s a magical place…the stuff of fairy tales, really. Are you going to the Lake Quinault Lodge? If so, not to be missed: the gigantic hydrangea bushes, covered with gigantic, electric-blue blossoms. They’re located in the croquet/lounging area in front of the lake.

  2. Ooh, I’m having flashbacks–should’ve warned you there is always snow at Paradise, though 4-8′ is a lot for this time of year! (I always seem to remember the wildflowers more than the snow–since they occur together.)
    But if it was sunny enough for you to see the top of the mountain, you got a beautiful gift indeed.
    I remember the Quinault forest. (sigh)