New York City

I love New York City in small doses. 48 hours this weekend was just enough time for a taste of city before we headed home to Lake Champlain. I checked out the Museum of the American Indian to do some research for my new MG historical. It’s a lovely museum, but I was disappointed that only a few galleries were open because of renovations.

We saw JERSEY BOYS (loved it) and XANADU (loved it in a different, fun, silly kind of way). The kids made pilgrimages to the American Girl and Toys R Us stores, and I made a small pilgrimage of my own:

This is the NY Public Library’s Donnell Central Branch, home of Children’s Literature Blogger-Goddess Elizabeth Bird, better known as Fuse #8. I read her blog religiously and wanted to stop by on the off-chance she might be working a Saturday. (Forgot about ALA, though!) That’s okay, because we got a chance to visit some other important friends who live at the Donnell Central Children’s Room…

These are the original stuffed animals that A.A. Milne gave Christopher Robin Milne — the REAL Pooh, Eeyore, Kanga, Piglet, and Tigger. They look so loved, don’t they?

It was a great city weekend, but with a high of 95 degrees today, I’m so happy to be back on the lake today. Heading off to the deck now with my raspberry-chocolate coffee and Catherine Murdock’s DAIRY QUEEN. Life is good.

3 Replies on “New York City

  1. Happy (Almost) Birthday!

    Happy (almost) birthday to you,
    Happy (almost) birthday to you,
    Happy (almost) birthday dear Kate,
    Happy (almost) birthday to you!

    After attending college in NYC for 2 years,
    I was ready to leave!
    Take care.

  2. Fuse #8

    Aw. Sorry to have missed you! Come again and I’ll give you a tour firsthand. Normally I’m always around and about.

  3. Re: Fuse #8

    Thanks for your comment!

    We’ll definitely stop by the next time we’re in town. Our small city library is pretty modest, so my daughter was in awe of your children’s area.