Near Where I Live

It’s not exactly the backyard, but I think I’m staying within the spirit of

‘s challenge to post a photograph of home every day this week.  Today, we drove with some friends to a trailhead along Route 86 in the Adirondacks and hiked 1.2 miles into the woods.  Here’s what we found at the end of the trail.

Copperas Pond is one of our favorite swimming holes for a few reasons.  Because of the climb to get there, it’s rarely crowded.  There are huge rocks that you can jump from, into cool, deep water below.  And there are giant tadpoles and bullfrogs galore.

My main character in Marty McGuire, Frog Princess would have loved it.

58 Replies on “Near Where I Live

  1. You cannot beat a place that has giant tadpoles.

    My daughter was looking over my shoulders at the pics and said, “I hope she scooped up and kept that tadpole.”

  2. That looks like fun, Kate. I believe it’s your birthday tomorrow…. Happy Birthday!
    You must be feeling so excited about your latest developments with Marty McGuire.
    May this year bring you lots of wonderful-ness!



    I hope you have a fabulous day. Relax and enjoy yourself. Go ahead and eat that extra dessert…

  4. WOW! That’s a big boy!

    Actually… I don’t know if I have ever seen a real frog in real life. Maybe they are all that big.

    (yes, I am from a city. sigh.)


  5. Great photos, Kate! What a wonderful gift at the end of a hike to see a view like that. It’s the perfect place for a log cabin.

  6. I’m a huuuuuge fan of frogs (it’s so geeky). So I’m going crazy over these pictures. And the first photo is postcard-lovely (Zenlike butterfly!)

  7. You’ve never seen a real frog??!!

    I think I may have to mail you one. If you get a package from me with little air holes poked in the top, you’ll know what it is… :^)

  8. Thanks, Heidi!

    (And just so you know, you’re every bit as pretty as that movie star person whose picture was on your blog the other day!)

  9. oh you’re so sweet!!

    it’s so funny, she’s this B actress who really probably no one would really know of, but since she had my name i had to add the “R” because she’s the heidi kling in the google searches.


  10. Does your family ever make it as far north as Lake Placid? This is about ten miles outside of town, and we’d love to take you hiking. It’s a pretty easy climb for your little one, too – there’s one route that’s just .4 miles and not too steep.

  11. Hey, my little one did a 3-mile loop in and out of Fort Ticonderoga last week. She can handle anything Lake Placid has to offer! Placid is around 1.5 hours north of us but we could do it in a day:

    Get in the car
    Stop for 3 pee breaks
    Get to Lake Placid
    Eat lunch
    Wander around town
    Be coerced to buy the kids something that will end up in the trash
    Get back in the car
    Stop for 3 more pee breaks
    Get back to Lake George
    Dump the kids with the in-laws and go out for dinner and drinks!!!!

    Sounds great! Let’s plan on it!