Mouse Was Mad… What About You?

Linda Urban’s fantastic picture book MOUSE WAS MAD is officially out this week, and she’s hosting a contest on her blog.  If you visit  , you can win a signed copy, along with some Lake Champlain Chocolate Truffles.  As someone who has enjoyed both Linda’s book and Lake Champlain Truffles, I can tell you that both are darn close to perfect.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on Linda’s blog, saying what makes you mad and how you feel better.  For example, yesterday, I had one of those terrible, horrible, no-good,  etc. etc. days…ala Judith Viorst.  Eating chocolate often makes me feel better, but since I’m trying to be healthy at the moment, I went outside and shot baskets.  I discovered that I am a remarkably good shot when I’m miffed, and I was wishing my husband had been there to play HORSE because we are competitive with things like that, and I am certain I would have beaten him without even racking up an H.

Anyway…share your story here for a chance to win!

2 Replies on “Mouse Was Mad… What About You?

  1. I don’t think being miffed would help my shot. I do like going for a walk when I’m mad, though. Moving around helps more than chocolate, I think.
    Thanks for playing, Kate!