Meeting Readers at Harmony Hills Elementary

Day Two of my week of school visits in San Antonio brought me to Harmony Hills Elementary School, where amazing librarian Angie Oliverson had the library decked out in banners for all of my books. I especially loved this one with the mini-tornadoes!

The hallway near the library was full of fantastic student art. Second graders had illustrated their favorite scenes in SEA MONSTER’S FIRST DAY.

Watch out, Andy Rash…I think some of these kids may be after your illustrating job soon!

I gave presentations to three different groups of kids, ranging from Pre-K to fifth grade. You can tell by their faces just how enthusiastic these readers were!

I also popped in for a little extra time with one fifth grade classroom where the students have been reading EYE OF THE STORM.

While they ate lunch, I signed books, and we chatted about everything from tornadoes to favorite books to future plans (one girl told me she’s going to be a lawyer!)  I have no doubts she’ll make it – and truly, I see all of these kids doing great things. Thanks, Harmony Hills Elementary School, for a magical day!

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