Meet Marty McGuire! (And finally see the cover!!)

My MARTY MCGUIRE chapter book series with Scholastic launches May 1st, and my editor just gave me the go-ahead to show you the cover art that Brian Floca created for the first book.  So without further delay…heeeeere’s Marty!

I love both the cover art and the inside illustrations so much I can barely stand it. (Fact: I screamed in the middle of a crowded coffee shop when my editor told me on the phone that Scholastic had landed Brian to illustrate.)  And I can’t wait for Marty’s May 1st release. She’ll be available in both hardcover and paperback right from the start, and there’s an audio book, too. Here’s the jacket blurb:

Meet Marty McGuire! Marty would rather spend recess catching frogs in the pond than playing dress-up with the other girls in third grade. o when her teacher casts Marty as the princess in the class play, Marty’s absolutely, positively sure that there’s been a huge mistake! But after a special lesson in the art of improvisation, Marty comes up with her own plan to improve the play. Maybe a princess in muddy sneakers can live happily ever after, after all!

Marty’s available for pre-order on Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon – and if you’re a GoodReads person, you can add her to your to-read list here.

I’ll be doing a Marty McGuire Skype tour in May, so just drop me a note if you’d like me to visit your classroom or library to introduce Marty to your kids & talk about writing!