MARTY MCGUIRE Contest Winners Announced!

Many thanks to all who entered my winter contest to help spread the word about MARTY MCGUIRE and its upcoming sequel, MARTY MCGUIRE DIGS WORMS!  The winners are…. (drum roll, please)

Signed Copies of MARTY MCGUIRE DIGS WORMS in April:

Alisa Kohn
Debbi Michiko Florence
Marilee Haynes
Coleen Patrick
Kathy Schmidt **
Crystal Brunelle **
Cally Flickinger
Kellee Moye
Michelle Bowker
Dana Schreiner

** Starred teachers also won virtual writing workshops for their classroom efforts to share Marty!

And the winner of the $100 bookstore gift card is… Abi Kurfman!

Thanks – again – to all who entered and to everyone who’s been sharing Marty McGuire with readers far and wide. Book #2 is just a little over two months away!

3 Replies on “MARTY MCGUIRE Contest Winners Announced!

  1. Kate,
    I have already ordered my copy from, and my daughter and I are very excited to read book #2. The first book got her hooked on Beverly Cleary. I can’t wait to see where book #2 leads us. Thank you for Marty Mcguire!