Marching on…

The ice on Lake Champlain is floating north in giant puzzle pieces today.

Some of these ice slabs are enormous — maybe 30 feet long.

There is a tiny part of me that thinks it would be fun to put on a big orange survival suit, climb onto one of them, flop down on my belly, and float all the way to Canada. 

But all the other parts of me get cold easily and have vetoed that idea. 

“Beside,” my 11-year-old said, “Waves slosh over those ice chunks all the time, and I think they’d wash you off before you got to the border.”

Instead, I’ll be in the big chair by the window, watching the ice float north without me while I read Eric Larson’s Thunderstruck with a cup of hot chocolate.

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17 Replies on “Marching on…

  1. Reading your posts, I feel like Lake Champlain is a character, if you know what I mean. It’s always changing; it always has its own business to tend to.

  2. Your comment made me so happy. Lake Champlain is a character – never the same from day to day, with so many moods and faces. We love watching them!

  3. My window looks out on a midwestern river. I love it that the scenery changes every day. Occasionally I see a bald eagle, but usually it’s just geese and my back yard cardinals.

  4. Wow!

    Great, great pictures, Kate. As someone who has never lived anywhere near such iciness, I appreciate getting a glimpse of that cold. Though there’s not even a single part of me that would like to float aboard one of those amazing chunks of ice!

  5. It’s pretty chilly! We have a contest in my family every May to see who can be the first one to submerge. Usually, the temperature is about 55 degrees by then – downright balmy!

  6. Terrific pictures Kate! Thanks for posting them. I’ll leave the floating on an ice flow dream strictly to you. You have a beautiful view of Lake Champlain! Have you ever seen Champ?

  7. I love getting my snow fix here. 🙂

    (Because as much as I love the desert, the lack of snow has nothing to do with it–I miss the snow, even though I love the warm days and the smell of citrus blossoms in the air and know objectively I can’t have both at once. :-))