Look who showed up in my email today!

My talented friend, art teacher Scott Given, has been getting his portfolio together for the NE SCBWI conference and was looking for new illustration ideas a while back.  "How about a lonely sea monster?"  I tossed out.  (One of my picture book manuscripts is about just such a sea monster.)  And look what showed up in my email today…

I’m always in awe of illustrators…how they can conjure scenes and sea monsters out of thin air.

Isn’t he the cutest fellow?  I want to pinch his little sea monster cheeks and feed him cookies.

17 Replies on “Look who showed up in my email today!

  1. Wow, what talent! Nice job Scott. I love his worried googly eyes, the multitudinal waves, and the mountain in the background. Great Lake Champlain depiction. Point of fact…cookies get extremely soggy in lake water. Perhaps he would prefer those Swedish gummy fish?

    Thanks for sharing – he’s adorable!

  2. I sometimes wish I could write PBs just because I love the art that comes with the stories. Alas, PB writing takes a special talent and I don’t got it.

  3. It was really fun drawing the sea monster. I’m glad you like him – He prefers chocolate chip cookies- but you have to leave them out on a dry bit of land..preferably out of the sun.

  4. Mr. Lonely Sea Monster, I’ll be your friend! You’ll just have to come to the surface to visit me.

    I can just picture him blowing bubbles out of his snout.