Links for a snowy day…

The snow is falling outside my office window, my HOME office window, since there’s no school today because of the storm. That means a day of reading and soup and a fire in the fireplace…and time to share some links that I’ve been meaning to share.

First of all, if you’re an author or illustrator, there’s still time to sign up for KidsHeartAuthors Day, the brainchild of author Mitali Perkins, who decided that Valentine’s Day 2009 would be a great opportunity for us all to show our love for independent booksellers. Click here to sign up if you’re an author/illustrator type…or here to sign up as a bookseller. If you’re a teacher or librarian or parent or kid or other fabulous reader, I hope you’ll join us at a signing at your local indie on February 14th!

Now that 2009 is here, those of us with debut books coming out are turning cartwheels.  My editor for THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z (Walker, September 2009) emailed last night with a list of queries from the production editor that made my heart flutter — not because they were difficult to address but because the book is so far along in the whole process.  2009 is actually HERE! 

There are some great places online where you can learn about all the amazing titles that are on the way.  Check out AuthorsNow for a huge listing of 2009 debuts.  And have you met the 2009 Debutantes yet?  Become a watcher of the LJ community debut2009  for terrific book talk with 2009 debut authors and great giveaways, too!  Wouldn’t you like to win one of these nifty goody bags, for example?

The 12 Months of Debsness Giveaway is Coming!

Here’s another great opportunity for teachers & school librarians. Author Fran Cannon Slayton is giving away a set of 30 Advance Reader Copies of her book WHEN THE WHISTLE BLOWS, which is historical and funny and full-of-heart and wonderful. Just sign up for her email list to be entered in the drawing.

One last link…kellyrfineman is hosting a great conversation about happy endings on her blog today. It resonated with me because I was thinking about this recently, when I was in the middle of a book and SO hoping it would end well without being too sappy. I’m also revising a novel that has a mixed-emotions sort of ending right now. Endings have been on my mind, and Kelly, as usual, has pulled together some thought-provoking ideas from the great authors who joined her in the conversation.

I’m off to make a cup of green tea and then get back to reading with E by the fireplace…one of lurban ‘s recommendations…

We’re thankful to Linda – and to Emily Jenkins for writing such a perfect snow-day read-aloud.  What are you reading today?

5 Replies on “Links for a snowy day…

  1. When I get back from the dentist and S’s medical tests (she may have mono – ugh!), I’ll be reading Marty. 🙂

    I liked Toy Dance Party and think it’s quite good, but more melancholy than its predecessor. At least, I thought so. I hope the conversation chez moi is/was useful.

  2. Loved the conversation today – and I hope S is okay. I remember having mono in high school and having all of my activities curtailed for weeks. Ugh.