Letter Game…

List ten things you like/love/are interested in that start with a certain letter…. 

I commented on

‘s blog and was cheerfully tagged with letter O.  (Vowels are tough, but at least it wasn’t X or Q.)  Here’s my list:

1. optimism
2. orchids
3. olive oil (a special kind from a little store in Montreal’s Atwater Market.  It’s owned by a man named Renee who uses the word “fabulous” every time I go to visit him.)
4. October
5. oceans
6. Orion Nebula (No, really…. I’m not just choosing it because of the O thing.  I saw Orion through a big telescope a few weeks ago and fell in love with the idea of actually seeing a place where stars are born.)
7. organic gardening
8. ornithology
9. oysters
10.oatmeal cookies (with chocolate chips!)

If  you want to play, leave me a comment, and I’ll assign you a letter. (Not Q or X unless you make a special request for the challenge!)

5 Replies on “Letter Game…

  1. OK, I’ll bite…

    Loved your list! Optimism is your middle name, I think, so it was a perfect one to kick off your “O” letter game. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my favorite…do they come in a Slimfast bar?

    Give me a letter…let’s see what happens.

  2. Re: OK, I’ll bite…

    Ten things I love/am interested in…M…

    3. MAGNETIC CLIPS (I use them in class to hang posters, notes, photos, memos. I guess you could say I have a magnetic clip fetish.)
    5. MARSHMALLOWS (not plain…either surrounded by Hershey bars and graham crackers or made into Rice Krispie Treats
    6. MONTREAL & our little pied-à-terre
    8. MAPS, especially raised relief maps. And Google Hybrid maps. And road maps. Oh…city maps are fun, too. One of my favorite childhood books was my Dad’s Goode’s World Atlas.
    10.MONT-SAINTE-ANNE, Quebec. (Where we had one of our best family vacations!)