Last Winter Kiss – A Poem in Photos

I’ve been dreaming of beaches
and seashells,
drinks with tiny umbrellas,
and the smell of coconut lotion.

I thought I was tired of winter,
but deep in the woods,
she wooed me back today.

I fell for that old dappled sunlight trick,
and swooned.

Now look up, she whispered,

I stared at the sun through the trees
until my eyes watered.
She laughed,
And shook a glittering of snow
into my hair.

She gathered up her best bouquets,
painted all in white.

Beech leaves thin as paper
lifted teaspoons of grated diamonds
to sparkle in the sun.

Then Winter called me closer,

I have secrets yet to tell
before the thaw.

Things twisted and beautiful

…that you can only see with me.

She brought chickadees to sing
in a theater with no ceiling.

It had cushioned white seats,
and walls of cedar and pine.

So I followed her to edge of the world —
At least it felt that way.

We stayed a long time.

It was so quiet,
so hushed with silent white.

There was nothing left to do but head home.

Don’t go, she begged.

We can make angels.

I’ll paint your shadow in violet
on the snow.

(Stay another hour ~
I’ll make you taller and thinner, too!)

But there was hot chocolate to drink.

And Spring will come whispering warm in my ear
any week now.
Winter knows — how could she not? —
Mud and crocuses are impossible to resist.

But today – just for today –
She had me back.
I was smitten all over again.