Lake Champlain’s Winter Art

We’ve had crazy weather on Lake Champlain this week. First, it was a snowstorm that dumped about a foot of snow at my house and way more in places like southern Vermont.  And it was a heavy, wet snow that somehow managed to turn the shoreline area of Lake Champlain into a sort of slushy swirl.  This photo doesn’t entirely capture it, but this was something I’d never seen before.  That’s not ice…it’s floating snow-slush.

Last night, it rained, and the wind blew what was left of the lake ice near our house into a sparkly sculpture on the shore.

It’s beautiful in the morning sun, and almost makes up for our missing skating rink…but not quite.

I know the winter weather is continuing for many of you today. I hope wherever you are, you’re warm with a good book!

4 Replies on “Lake Champlain’s Winter Art

  1. Wow, the second photo is especially beautiful. I’m curling up with Susane Colasanti’s SOMETHING LIKE FATE, which I love. Happy weekend to you! Stay warm!

  2. Loving the pic really, but not sure if I’d like to be there at all.
    I hate winter, and cold weather and snow. That’s why sunny Spain suits me better. But we are having a hell of a winter too here. So… just hoping spring gets here soon!