KidLit Cares Signed Book Winners – and Thanks!

Many, many thanks to EVERYONE who donated to KidLit Cares for Oklahoma! Together, we raised more than $3000.00 for Red Cross Disaster Relief, to be used where it’s so urgently needed right now.

And I have some great news! Thanks to the generosity of all the authors who offered up books in the spirit of this donation drive. we have a signed book as a thank you gift for every single person who donated!  If you’re one of the people who donated during our window and you emailed me your receipt, I’ll be getting in touch via email to get an address for your signed book. And…if you’d like to make any requests (MG, YA, or picture book – or even if you want to toss out a few titles you’d love), I’ll see what I can do. Obviously, I can’t maeke promises about specific books, but I can do my best to match you with a title you’ll love.


Bob Forbes (who made the highest donation & will receive his choice of the thank you gifts!) , Samantha Cote and Nikki Lofton – who will each receive one of the other two thank you packages.


If you’re one of the other winners (that’s you if you donated at least $10 and emailed me your receipt!) you can actually go ahead and email right now with the following information:

1. Your mailing address (must be a U.S. address) where you’d like the book sent

2. Any requests – if you’d like to list your top five titles, or a genre or something like that. Again – I can’t make promises, but I’ll do my best.  You can see the list of donated books here.

3. If you’d like the book signed TO someone – and the donor was the author – let me know to whom you’d like it signed, too.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out!