It’s a bird…. It’s a plane….

We see a lot of interesting things fly by our deck on Lake Champlain. There are always seagulls, geese, ducks, and great blue herons. We spot an occasional bald eagle, and one September we saw a huge swarm of Monarch butterflies — there had to have been more than a thousand — on their migration south.

Tonight might take the cake, though.

At first, we thought it was someone parasailing, but there was no boat. Then we decided it was a skydiver who was about to get wet. Finally, we heard a motor and saw that it was actually some kind of ultralight or powered parachute.  On first glance, it looked like something my 12-year-old might have made out of Legos a few years back, but after watching it fly up and down the lake, we were impressed. 

So, to the two people who seemed to be operating the ultra-para-motorized-gizmo… Well done.  We hope you had a great flight and a safe landing, wherever you ended up.  And thanks.  You made for an interesting night out on the deck.

8 Replies on “It’s a bird…. It’s a plane….

  1. Definitely makes the day more interesting. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. The last unusual thing I saw in my yard was a squirrel eating a slice of pizza on a tree limb. LOL

  2. Way cool…never saw one of those over my lake. We had hot air balloons touch down quite regularly, though, and once an airplane landed on the water. That was interesting, because it was a small lake.

  3. Never a dull moment at your place! We are still talking about the mountain! 🙂 Hope you got some good pictures! Thanks for a great time!