22 Replies on “Ice fog over Lake Champlain this morning

  1. What an odd contrast–it’s like fire and ice. We’re in the 20s here and I’m thinking of scrapping my LL Bean jacket in favor of a full-length down coat. I can’t take the cold this year, especially the early morning wait at the bus stop. Ugh.

  2. They got into the 40s last weekend (during the day), and now they’ve dropped a little, but we’re still above zero, which, after that horrible frigid spell, makes me happy 😉

  3. Beautiful!

    How close do you live to the lake?

    I’ve never seen ice fog — I’ve seen fields of snow fog [ which looks like massive evaporation ] at the end of winter.

  4. Absolutely Gorgeous!

    These pictures are breath taking! I would love to wake up every morning to that view. Well, of course, I’d like it much better if it were warmer.

    Lou, a/k/a Queen Louise, a/k/a Assistant to Laurie Halse Anderson