I just got THE COVER!!

My editor just emailed me the current cover for SPITFIRE to get my feedback, and he gave me permission to share, so…..

I’m thrilled with the way it turned out and have suggested just a few minor tweaks (like a slightly bolder title). 

Comments & suggestions are welcome!

Meanwhile…I keep coming back to my computer to look at it.  My book has a COVER!

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  1. Kate, that is a gorgeous cover. To make the title stand out, maybe they could do a “shadow” on the letters of the word Spitfire. The cover would make an awesome poster!!!

  2. It is a very eye-catching cover. I agree that the title could afford to stand out a little more. The image has a real Adirondack/Champlain feel to it. I’d be proud of it!


  3. Thanks, Jo ~ and I appreciate the feedback. I really respect your opinion. I go back and forth between loving it and thinking it’s just a little too delicate.

  4. And I should know. I have a place in Bolton Landing on Lake George and I go to Fort Ticonderoga all the time!

  5. Thanks, Cindy! I love it. I kept remembering our “nightmare covers” discussion at the New England SCBWI dinner, so I had some anxiety while they decided about the cover!

  6. Wow!

    It’s gorgeous – what a talented artist you have working for you! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, and congrat’s! It’s like you’re a real writer or something. 😉

  7. Really cool cover and I loved the trailer! If I ever get published, I’m going to make an iMovie too. Thanks for sharing. Um…since you asked for feedback, I was wondering if you wanted to make it more clear that there was a battle going on. I asked my teens what they thought was happening in the picture, and they said it looked like a ship heading toward the sunset. Just thought I’d let you know, in case they want to draw in a cannon or something. Good luck! KIM

  8. Re: Cover

    Thanks! I’m really excited about it. Did I see on your blog that you’re from Montreal? We’re just south of there, on Lake Champlain.

  9. Hi Kate! Wow, this is such a grabbing cover. I admit that I do judge a book by the cover … or at least I’m much more likely to pick up an interesting looking book if I’m browsing a bookstore. And I sure would pick up this book even if I’d never heard of it. I can’t wait to read it! Big congratulations to you. 🙂 -Kim Ward

  10. It’s Stunning!

    Kate – I’m so proud of you and thrilled that they used this cover. It is beautiful. I can’t wait to hold an autographed copy in my hands. : )

    One comment: I think the first part of your name doesn’t stand out as much as the last, though. Perhaps they could nudge it into the darker background area so the K and A are displayed equally. (That is me, being my OCD self.)

    It is awesome…a real book…a real cover…and your name on that lovely painting. Perfect.

  11. Re: It’s Stunning!

    Thanks, Marjie! We talked about the name problem & think it will be solved by moving it to the right a little and/or adding a shadow.

    Have a happy Friday!

  12. Thanks, Kim! I’m really excited about how well it turned out.

    Hey- we missed you at the Camp Mimi Princess Picnic this week! Your mom does the most amazing things.

    Have a great weekend!