Hound Dog True by Linda Urban

I have been waiting SO patiently to talk about this book.

And now it’s coming out! Next week!  (On the 19th, to be exact, but if you look, you might even find it before then.)  In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll start by saying that HOUND DOG TRUE author Linda Urban is a friend. I adore Linda.  But I’d be gushing about this one even if I didn’t know her from Adam.

This is a book with true heart. Linda Urban has a gift for capturing the small things about a kid’s life that matter. She understands that little things can mean everything…those tiny moments that the grown-ups shrug off can be something a ten-year-old carries around for years…and maybe forever.

HOUND DOG TRUE features Mattie Breen, a painfully shy girl who moves to a new town with her mom and apprentices herself to her Uncle Potluck, the school custodian, in the hopes that her studies of janitorial arts will allow her to avoid talking to her new classmates when school starts. But of course it doesn’t work out that way. Mattie has a new neighbor, Quincy, who’s older and cooler and…could she be a friend? This is a warm, wonderful book about letting people into your world, finding your place in that world, and finding your voice, too.

Like A CROOKED KIND OF PERFECT, this book has a voice that’s unique, touching, and funny – just wonderful. I highly, highly recommend HOUND DOG TRUE…especially for sharing as a read-aloud. Available at your favorite indie bookseller on Monday! (And stay tuned for a “Real Revision” interview with Linda on revising this book, capturing that pitch-perfect voice, and more!)

5 Replies on “Hound Dog True by Linda Urban

  1. YAY! Loved Crooked Kind of Perfect and when I let Linda know that one of my book club kids loved and highly recommended it too the rest of the kids, Linda sent her a signed book plate!

    Anyhoo–will be getting Hound Dog True next week!