Home from ALA Midwinter

It was so wonderful to see book-loving friends who were there, and my whole family loved ogling all the new books coming out in 2010. So many amazing titles on the way – it’s a very good time to be a reader!

The amazing, overwhelmingly large exhibit hall

Not all of my writer-friends could make it to Boston, so my daughter and I thought it would be fun to put together an exhibit hall scavenger hunt to look for friends’ books.  We found almost all of them, with the exception of a few that were so popular, they’d been scarfed up (display copy and all!) before E could snap a photo. 

(Note to author friends… If your book is here and you’d like to grab the photo for your own blog or FB or whatever, feel free.)

How many of these titles do you recognize?

(They also had THIEF EYES,  , but we weren’t fast enough & all the copies were gone when we got to RH!)

Time for me to finish unpacking and get back to reading my first ARC of many…Kathryn Erskine’s MOCKINGBIRD, which is heartbreaking, beautiful, and real so far.

More to come from ALA Midwinter soon!

41 Replies on “Home from ALA Midwinter

  1. Thank you!

    Thank you SO much, Kate! I really appreciate your taking a photo of Scars! It’s so cool to see it, even though I can’t be there. You’re very kind.

    take good care,
    Cheryl Rainfield

  2. Re: Thank you!

    You’re welcome! We were excited to see your book & happened to run into Bethany Hegedus signing at the WestSide booth while we were there, too!

  3. You’re welcome! One of E’s friends who was touring the floor with us picked up an ARC of the book & was very excited to read it when I told her about it.

  4. Thank your daughter, Kate! So cool to see Bones sitting out there where everyone can see. 🙂

    And cool to know TE was there, too!

  5. Great photos, Kate! Thanks for letting us vicariously walk around the booths–I can almost feel the chatter in air. Loved seeing OPERATION YES (yay, Sara!) And thanks for reading MOCKINGBIRD – I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  6. It’s a beautiful book. Loree Griffin Burns told me about it at NCTE, so I made sure to look for an ARC this weekend.

    I’m not sure if you know this, but according to a blurb I read on the IRA Conference website we’re on a panel together in Chicago in April – you’re talking about blogging there (right?) and I’m talking about Skype author visits, along with some members of the IRA Teachers Choice committee. Looking forward to meeting you!

  7. Oh, what fun!! Penguin mentioned doing an IRA panel many months ago but said they’d get back to me regarding what, exactly, it was about. I feel so inept at this particular subject, but I’ll certainly try my best! Maybe I can be the token “she has a blog, website, twitter, and facebook but doesn’t know to use it” panelist. I’ll certainly enjoy getting to meet you, though! It sounds like you have some experience with these large conferences and I’m a newbie so I’m sure you can give me pointers on that, too.

    P.S. I love that you brought your daughter with you to ALA. My daughter says she wants to go with me on a writing conference trip, preferably to Australia. :o)

  8. Kate,
    It was so wonderful to meet you and your cover for SUGAR ON SNOW (SNOW ON SUGAR? eep!! My brain has melted from ALA weekend!) is GORGEOUS. I would SO pick it up. Or I so will (in the future)! It seems like you had a great time at ALA and I think its so cool you set up a scavenger hunt for your kids. I wish I had something like that. Ha, instead I fangirled…like crazy. 😉

    -Rachel Simon

  9. I actually saw someone asking about it at the Walker booth & (true to my usual book-pushing self) jumped into the conversation to let them know how great it is. They took an ARC! :^)

  10. Thanks for including the picture of OVER AT THE CASTLE, Kate! So much fun to see it out in the real world 🙂

    Boni Ashburn