Holiday Book Recommendation: The Espressologist

I am a writer who is mighty attached to my mocha lattes…so when I heard about Kristina Springer’s YA debut, THE ESPRESSOLOGIST (FSG, 2009), I couldn’t wait to read it. The premise? A teenaged barista does some match-making with her customers, based on their favorite coffee drinks and ultimately, finds love of her own.

This book made me want to be sixteen again (just for a minute, because most of sixteen was traumatic) so that I could get all my friends together to read THE ESPRESSOLOGIST and then meet them at the local coffee shop to talk about it. Then, of course, we’d start our OWN notebooks to match people up based on their favorite coffee drinks, just like the main character, Jane.

This YA novel is romantic fun at its finest – with great teen characters, a delightful budding romance, and enough humor to make it a sweet, sweet read.

Looking for a great holiday gift for a coffee-lover? Pair this with a gift certificate to the local coffee shop, and maybe slip in a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans. Click on the book cover to order through IndieBound!

11 Replies on “Holiday Book Recommendation: The Espressologist

  1. Ha! That’s the problem with buying books, isn’t it? You need two copies of everything (one for me…one for the kid). Or do what I do and give slightly pre-loved books!

  2. It does! I actually just spent some time with Suzanne this weekend at NCTE, as she’s a fellow Walker author. She’s delightful, and I’m so looking forward to reading COFFEEHOUSE ANGEL.

  3. I enjoyed Espressologist! I used to be a barista and the book reminded me of the best of times. I associated it with Mackler’s Vegan Virgin Valentine though (which originally made becoming a barista my dream job)

    Idaho_Laurie, can you say more about Coffeehouse Angel? I’m interested. 🙂