Happy Friday Things

Guess what?

Today was the LAST day of school, and tomorrow, we’re going to New York City to meet my Mom and Dad for the weekend, and we’re going to see JERSEY BOYS, and I just finished another round of revisions on my MG WIP, and now that school’s out I’ll have more time to research my new MG historical, and I just found this new, really great flavor of ice cream called espresso-something with chocolate covered almonds, and I ate it while I was reading the end of Carrie Jones’ YA novel TIPS ON HAVING A GAY (EX) BOYFRIEND which is an amazing, funny, touching book  (I got a little ice cream on it…sorry, Carrie…but at least it’s really good ice cream. I think you’d like it.), and…and…and….

I’m so excited for summer!

4 Replies on “Happy Friday Things

  1. Feel free to get ice cream on your copy of Liberty Girl… although that would make it a little hard to give away or put on display at your workshop… =:-p

  2. Well, you know Kate, TIPS really did need a good ice cream scene. . .
    I think my book (okay I know my book) is super honored that you’re reading it, and really LOVES ice cream, especially super amazing espresso flavors.
    It’s probably hoping you’ll spill some more, and maybe a little pizza, too.