14 Replies on “Great Books Coming in 2010: HARMONIC FEEDBACK by Tara Kelly

  1. I can’t wait to read this book. Since I have an ADHD child, I love books that take fresh and unique twists on the usual–cringe–stereotype. Plus, I’ve read bits of Tara’s work so I know this book will rock big time.

  2. I recently finished listening to Marcelo and before that, read Anything But Typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin. I loved them both. I also loved Rules and Emma Jean Lazarus and Along Came Spider. All from a few years ago. Do you know what month Harmonic Feedback’s coming out? It wasn’t online to pre-order.

  3. LOVED this book. I’ve kind of had a dry spell with YA contemporary realism lately, but this one had me up till all hours of the night! Wonderful characters, and oozing with emotional, in-your-face truth.

  4. Harmonic Feedback

    Sorry that I didn’t see you at Midwinter. I had a great time and picked up a ton of arcs, including (yay) Harmonic Feedback. I finished it last night. It was amazing, intense, lovely. Thanks so much for recommending it.

    Drea has some literary female company though, a little sister in Emma Jean Lazarus.


  5. Re: Harmonic Feedback

    You’re right! I’d forgotten about Emma Jean… and she’ll has more company in 2010. Did you happen to pick up an ARC of Kathryn Erskine’s MOCKINGBIRD? Another MG novel with a young girl with Aspergers, the voice is lovely. Both of those are MG, though – I’m still glad teens have HARMONIC!