GIANNA Z’s Page Proofs

So all this week, I’ve been reviewing page proofs for THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z, looking for any mistakes that survived the copy editing process and any typos that were introduced during type-setting.  I was distracted throughout this process because when page proofs arrive in the mail, your actual title page is included.  I kept flipping back to stare at it…

Did you see the little leaves?!!  Squeeee!!!!

I mean…ahem…I’m very busy looking for typos now…

34 Replies on “GIANNA Z’s Page Proofs

  1. I agree with Cynthia — very elegant.
    How do you find the time to teach and parent and write and travel? I am just so in awe of you and Cindy and all you other authors. My job alone overwhelms me.

  2. Yep. This is me. “Pretty leaves! Oooh!!!….(reads two more pages)….Oh! Leaves at the beginning of this chapter, too! Yay!! (reads another page) I’m getting there, though!

  3. Thank you!

    To answer your question about time and balance, my writing lives in my brain all day long, but it’s after the kids go to bed at night that I sit down and devote two or three hours to actually putting words into the computer. I feel overwhelmed sometimes, too, but I wouldn’t feel whole if I didn’t find time to write.

  4. Every sale is a wonderful new experience.

    And I have yet to have a hardback book come out — that will be a first for me and something huge to celebrate.

    Enjoy all the fabulous first experiences!

  5. Isn’t it an interesting experience, Kate? It’s sort of the first time you see your book like an actual book! I just finished second passes for Bug Boy. I found some interesting slipups so stay VIGILANT!