GIANNA Z. Launch Chapter 2: The Koffee Kat Book Bash

After teaching all day, then heading straight to my favorite coffee shop for this afternoon’s GIANNA Z. launch party, and signing books for two hours straight…I am pretty much out of words tonight.  Pictures will probably do a better job anyway, of capturing the brilliant fun and sheer joy of sharing this book launch with such amazing friends, colleagues, and students. 

Thanks so, so much to everyone who stopped by today – it was an afternoon I’ll never forget.

15 Replies on “GIANNA Z. Launch Chapter 2: The Koffee Kat Book Bash

  1. Wow, a picture is worth a thousand words–they really do convery the joy! Congratulations, Kate! And that cake is awesome! When I watch the leaves falling this autumn I will think of you every time : )

  2. What a great launch party! The girls had so much fun, and on the way home, were reading to each other: one would read a page, and then the other would read a page — we enjoyed Gianni for MILES!

    You did a great job, esp. with the reading: your passion for the story comes shining through 🙂