Get this book for your mom. Or your daughter. Or yourself…

So I think this has to be one of my favorite books ever. 


Full disclosure – I know Jeannine and heard her read a poem from this book at a writers retreat last summer. It was lovely and poignant, but when she described the book as a collection of poems about Laura Ingalls Wilder, Madam C.J. Walker, Marie Curie, and their daughters, I wondered a bit how that could all fit together.

Then I was lucky enough to pick up an advance copy of BORROWED NAMES at ALA Midwinter, and I understood.

It does fit. As beautifully as anything I’ve ever read.

The poetry in this book is magnificent by itself, but it’s the characterization of the women — mothers and daughters both — that makes it stand out even more. The verse shines with the creative spirit of all of these amazing women, and I really can’t imagine capturing the whole give-and-take, come-together-and-go-away moments of mothers and daughters any better.

I’m sitting here at my computer frowning because I can’t really make my words do justice to this special book.  But trust me. It’s being released from Henry Holt this week.  Just go get it.

(Unless you are my mom, in which case…don’t go get it. I sent you one because I couldn’t wait for Mother’s Day. It will probably be there on Thursday or Friday. You’re going to love this as much as I did.)

7 Replies on “Get this book for your mom. Or your daughter. Or yourself…

  1. I cannot wait to read this. Have a hold at the library but know I’ll be getting my own copy and maybe a couple more for sister and mother and …

  2. It has got to be said: I TOLD YOU SO! Isn’t it lovely? And amazing? I am so excited that the entire world can now read and embrace this gem.

  3. You DID tell me so! (about this one and MOCKINGBIRD, too) And you were so, so right! You are one smart book-lady. I’m glad everyone gets to enjoy it now, too.