Friday News & Giveaways!

Good morning! As we wrap up this second week of Teachers Write virtual summer writing camp, I want to say two things before I announce giveaway winners and send you off to give/get critiques with Gae.

1. You rock. Seriously. So many of you have come here nervous to write and terrified to share, and you’ve taken deep breaths and done just that. You are mentors for your students, not only when it comes to reading and writing but also when it comes to courage – and that is being a Mentor in the most capital-M, Dumbledore-like sense of the word. I’m cheering for you.

2. Remember that it’s summer and you are human. I’m getting lots of notes/emails/tweets saying things like, “Well, I’d love to do Teachers Write, but I have a dentist’s appointment on the 12th, so I won’t be able to write that day and oh, well, I guess I’d better call the whole thing off.” No. You should write with us whenever you can write with us. If you took yesterday off to watch fireworks and eat s’mores, that’s fine. Don’t beat yourself up over missing a day. Just wash the marshmallow out of your hair this morning  and get back to work.

Friday Feedback is at Gae’s blog today, so head over there.

Drawing winners for this week:

THE BARFTASTIC LIFE OF LOUIE BURGER by Jenny Meyerhoff goes to Kimberly Mach.

BORROWED NAMES by Jeannine Atkins goes to Jen Howe.

And Lisa Schroeder’s ARC of FROSTING AND FRIENDSHIP goes to Kerri Schegan.

If you’re one of our book winners (sorry…U.S. addresses only, so if you’re overseas & you win, you can have it sent to a friend/relative) email me your mailing address via my contact form and we’ll get your book sent out. Have a great weekend, everyone!

9 Replies on “Friday News & Giveaways!

  1. Well, if I have to wash the marshmallow out of my hair, forget it. You never told me about that rule. Plus, the maths! Oh, the maths here!

    (You are an AMAZING leader. Every day I see your name pop up somewhere in my vicinity, I know how lucky I am. xoxo

  2. Thanks to Lisa Schroeder for the ARC of Frosting and Friendship! And thanks to Kate for organizing and running all this! 🙂

    1. So glad you’re writing with us again, Andy – I know your courage in sharing your writing last year inspired so many others to give this a try.

  3. Thank you, Kate and all the amazing authors and mentors you’ve assembled. I’m so grateful to learn from you all. Thank you for all the work you’ve put into this–what an amazing camp.