Friday Five: The Fourth of July Edition

1. Today is putting-in-the-dock day at our house.  I am fortifying myself with coffee and thinking strong, don’t-slip-on-the-rocks thoughts.

2. We’ve had a project going on downstairs for the past few weeks, finishing off a storage area in back of the house to turn it into (are you ready for this? It makes me squeal every time I say it…)  a WRITING room.  It will be separate from the house, quiet, and bright with bookshelves, and it’ll be done by early next week, which is good because it is summer and people are everywhere, and I have a book to revise. I’ll share a photo when all the dust has settled.

3. Along those same revising lines, a week from now, I’ll be getting ready for a writing retreat just up the lake from where I live.  Can’t wait to see my writer friends who are coming!

4. My parents and two of my three siblings are coming to visit this weekend!  We are kind of scattered to the winds, so this doesn’t happen too often, and I can’t wait.

5. This will be a busy day of grocery shopping, bed-making, meal-planning, fishing-pole-checking, sparkler-buying, strawberry-picking, dock-putting-in (see #1) and other general preparations for #4.  Hope everyone has a GREAT Fourth of July Weekend!

(Cheating to make this a Friday Five-and-a-half because I just have to share an early blog review for SUGAR AND ICE…)

5 1/2.   Kris Asselin, who has a great blog where she profiles girl athletes in kids’ novels, talked about my  Claire from SUGAR AND ICE in today’s post!