Friday Five

1. What are some of your favorite titles for middle grade novels?  I’m in title brainstorming mode and would love to hear what kinds of titles make you (or especially your kids) pick up a book.

2. Three cheers to everyone participating in

‘s 15-minutes a day writing challenge.  I love that Laurie organized this and is serving as head cheerleader.  I haven’t been writing to her prompts because I’m in six-hours-a-day revision mode this month, but I still love the idea.

3. I had a new travel companion on my trip to NYC this week.  Her name is Helen.  She rode on the windshield.

Helen was good company, even if she got a little quiet on the long stretch of highway through the Adirondacks.  I have a terrible habit of daydreaming, writing in my head, when I drive alone, so I often miss turns.  Helen understands this and reminds me in a voice that is friendly, if a little bossy at times. I made it to the Albany train station without a single wrong turn.

4. The Italian Ice stand near our community bike path is open again.  They put two scoops in each cup and will mix any flavors you want, but chocolate and pina colada together are the absolute best.

5. E and I are  growing giant pumpkins.  We’ve been enchanted with this idea since we read Me and the Pumpkin Queen by Marlane Kennedy. I mentioned this a blog entry last fall, and the super-friendly Marlane ended up reading it and mailing me a few Atlantic Giant seeds.  I’m not sure how giant our pumpkins will end up being because we planted the seeds kind of late, but we’re giving it a try.  I’ll keep you posted.

6 Replies on “Friday Five

  1. Counting on Grace

    I’m curently listening to /reading COUNTING ON GRACE – by Elizabeth Winthrop.
    It fis well with the theme and MC of the book.

    I usually start with a title before I plan/write a book.

  2. I’ll take photos once the vines grow a little. We did plant awfully late, and as you know, the growing season here is about two weeks long, but we’ll see.

  3. Thanks – I spent an hour at the library today, reading every title on every shelf. I’m sure the right one will present itself eventually. (I hope!)

  4. Re: Counting on Grace

    I had a title – two actually – but I’ve been asked to consider new ideas, so…

    I like Counting on Grace, too.