Friday Five

1. Now that my latest novel is back with my editor, I’ve been working on the teacher resource book I’m writing for Stenhouse, about teaching the revision process, and I’m loving it, even more than I thought I would. It’s been exciting to pull together all the author quotes and strategies to share with teachers.I’m pretty sure I squealed when I clicked on the very first interview response and found that it was from Jane Yolen. (Jane Yolen!!!) Also, putting my own revision process under the microscope and taking time to reflect has given me some new ideas for when that novel comes home with notes from my editor.

2. I am looking for a few good men. Seriously. While I’m getting amazing responses to my online revision interview from middle grade authors, almost all of them (except one…so thank you,  ) have been from women writers, and I’d love to have a few more guys featured as "mentor authors."  Boys write, too, after all.  If you know someone who might be game to answer a few online questions and be included, please drop me a note!

3. We’ve been reading some great books this summer.  Right now, I’m reading an ARC of Jennifer Donnelly’s REVOLUTION (amazing!), son just finished Watt Key’s DIRT ROAD HOME, a companion to ALABAMA MOON (great!), and daughter is enjoying Gitty Daneshvari’s SCHOOL OF FEAR. I saw her waving it in her friend’s face at skating the other night, saying, "You have to read this," a very good sign indeed.

4.I’m trying to get back to running every morning but have had a sticky go of it this week. My asthma and I are not fans of the humidity, but today feels much better.

5. It’s been nice to see more monarchs around this summer. Two monarch caterpillars are munching their way though milkweed leaves in a butterfly house on my porch. No signs yet that either is ready to make a chrysalis, but I will keep you posted.