Found: A February poem in photos


by Kate Messner (Copyright 2015)


My head was too noisy for stories today

The clang and clatter of email-invoice-taxes

Scared them all away.

So I went to the woods to find them.

They were skittish at first,

But after a while,

Morning thoughts slipped away

In the whisper-swish of skis,

And the song of chickadees in sumacs.

I ducked low through some brush

And a branch snatched my hat as I passed,

Dangled it, teasing, over the trail

(The old hemlocks think they’re so funny)


The stories laughed at that.

And I saw one lift its head

From behind a slab of buckled lake ice,

Lit impossible, lovely blue.

Another peeked out from the snowy trees.

And soon they were everywhere.

“I’ve missed you,” I told them.

“Let’s go home,” they said.

So we did.


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