Five Smiley, Thankful Things on Thursday

I was just about to post a Thankful Thursday blog entry when my writer friend marivee  tagged me for an LJ meme making the rounds this week, where you’re asked to post the last five things that made you smile.  I’m also thankful for those things, as it turns out, so here are my smiley, thankful things.

1. My middle school ice skating club has ice after school at a local rink every day this week.  Yesterday, we had a fantastic group that included two kids who had never skated before as well as a young man who came in 20th in the nation at last week’s Junior Nationals in Lake Placid.  They were all so appreciative and supportive of one another that it made me smile lots.  I am also thankful (if somewhat amazed) that they allow me to be the adviser for this group, even though I don’t skate particularly well.  I guess enthusiasm makes up for a lot.

2. One of my students is a HUGE Nancy Werlin fan and has been waiting and waiting for me to finish IMPOSSIBLE so she can borrow it.  Yesterday, I couldn’t find it, and she said, "I’m coming back every day and reminding you to keep looking. I have to have that book for vacation!"  I’m smiling today because I found it and because I smile any time a kid is so excited about a book.

3. I’m making great strides on my middle grade novel-in-progress this week – currently titled SUGAR ON SNOW.  It’s at 41,000 words and counting.  I’m thinking that I’ll be done at 50K, and then I can revise!   Yay!!  (I am actually not being sarcastic there. Revising is my favorite part!)

4. I’ve been working on a crafty sort of holiday project that is turning out well.  This is smiley and significant because I am not particularly crafty, and so often, my crafty endeavors end up looking like something the dog chewed up.

5. It’s been SNOWING here!  Yay!!

What’s making you smiley and thankful today?

7 Replies on “Five Smiley, Thankful Things on Thursday

  1. Revision is painful sometimes but i love it as well! Love the title of your WIP! It sounds sweet and sparkly. I’m also excited when a child wants to read a book. I bought books for my nieces and I hope to get them excited about too!