Five Bookish Things on a Friday

1. I’m reading this book right now –

-and really loving the ideas it’s giving me for my new science-gone-wrong novel project. I love writing craft books and highly recommend this one for anyone planning or revising a novel.

2. I can’t believe my MARTY MCGUIRE chapter book series launches in less than two months. That means reviewers are starting to see it (eek!) – I was thrilled to come across this fantastic early blog review today.

3. There’s a MARTY MCGUIRE Facebook page now. I told her she was too young for social networking, but the kid just won’t listen, so feel free to click and “Like” if you’re so inclined and would like updates on releases, contests, & things.

4. Now that my copy edits for EYE OF THE STORM (Walker/Bloomsbury ’12) are finished, I’ve been enjoying some reading time.  I ordered two copies this book from the Scholastic Book Clubs, for my classroom library.

My 7th grade girls are loving it, so it’s been out a lot, but a copy finally came back so that I could read it, too!  Lisa Schroeder’s middle grade voice  is absolutely wonderful, and this is a fun, accessible, touching story.  Sometimes, people who have read THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z. ask me for recommendations for other books with “regular middle school kids” and their families, and I’m going to add this to my list of suggestions for them.

5. I will be at the International Reading Association Convention in May, participating in a K-5 author panel, a workshop on connecting kids & authors via technology, and three book signings, as far as I know so far. Please let me know if you’ll be there, too!

5 1/2. Have a great weekend!