Don’t forget to enter the GIANNA Z. contest for book clubs!

One last thing…and then I’m back to my mug of tea and my revision…

Tomorrow is the last day to enter THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z. book club contest, where you can win a whole set of books for your reading group or classroom literature circles group.  Click here for the easy details on how to enter!

I’d love to see more entries from mother-daughter book clubs, so if you know someone who runs one, please let them know about the contest!  And if you have blog readers or Twitter pals who might be interested, please feel free to share the news – just one day left to enter.  Thanks!

2 Replies on “Don’t forget to enter the GIANNA Z. contest for book clubs!

  1. I finished reading Gianna Z to my 7th graders today. I actually ended up scraping my lessons to finish the book. We were so close to the end, I just couldn’t stop!! We loved it! I’m going to talk with them about any questions they might have and see if they are interested in skyping with you. They also are working on their own leaf collects, and there are several who have a close relationship with their grandmothers who live with them. They all have felt very connected to Gianna!

  2. Oh, thanks for sharing this with me! By all means, let me know if they have questions & we can set up a time to Skype. I’m so glad they enjoyed GIANNA Z!